KŁY to release new album “Chen” during the Fall Equinox

We are setting off into the dark; we are descending into the abyss looking for light. We are looking for words. Madness? What … By bleeding our fate, we want to discover the truth of dreams. But every word is a lie. Remember … And joy, and laughter. And joy, and death. Yes.

This is how the musicians of the trio KŁY describe their new album. Entitled “Chen”, it is the third full-length album and the first part of a diptych comprising two separate releases. The material for “Chen” was recorded at the turn of 2020/21 in Czyściec studio in Katowice and GegenRegenBogen in Hamburg. The mixing and mastering of the album, as in the case of previous KŁY releases, was taken care of by Nihil.

“Chen” consists of six tracks in the style KŁY are known for, which is a result of post-black metal richly seasoned with elements of cold wave and avant-garde.

The premiere of “Chen” will take place during the Fall Equinox on September 22, 2021. The album will be released in digipak CD and digital formats, the vinyl version is planned for the end of the first quarter of 2022.

“Chen” track list:

  1. Wmrok
  2. Bezsłowie
  3. Kołat
  4. Hypnos
  5. Wnikąd
  6. Jasienie

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