New PR business 3nation launches with cross-nation expertise

3nation, a public relations specialist for music artists and businesses, has officially landed with a new website and brand. 3nation offers tailored music PR services for music artists and record labels globally, as well as B2B PR services for music businesses and technology companies to deliver each client’s message and products to the right audience. 3nation also offers standalone copywriting and translation services (Greek and Polish to English translations).

MENTOR Announce New Album “Wolves, Wraiths and Witches”

Mentor’s third album, “Wolves, Wraiths and Witches”, is a continuation of the style the band carved out on their 2016 debut “Guts, Graves and Blasphemy” – fast and hard, without compromise. The nine new tracks draw from the best examples of the hardcore and metal world, and the lyrics still tell stories from the intersection of occultism and B-horror movies.

Japanese Cult Avant-Garde J • A • Seazer’s “Nuhikun – Directions to Servants” First Time on Vinyl

The soundtrack to the Terayama Shūji theatrical play Nuhikun – Directions to Servants, by the legendary Tenjō Sajiki troupe, will be released for the first time on vinyl via Devoted Art Propaganda. The album marks the first official release of music for Tenjō Sajiki’s plays outside of Japan.

Necromantia reveal artwork of their final opus!

NECROMANTIA, one of the most iconic bands of the Greek black metal scene, reveal the artwork of their highly anticipated final album “To the Depths We Descend” which will be released in Fall 2021. In The Magus’ own words: “As we are approaching the final stage of production, I think it is time to revealContinue reading “Necromantia reveal artwork of their final opus!”